What We Do

Providing customized services to each of our clients is a priority at American Link Immigration Services.

We assist families in completing petitions for immigrant or non-immigrant visas of all types, as well as in obtaining American citizenship. Some clients are granted visas for years at a time, while others are granted visas for shorter periods.
Clients may also require assistance following a rejection on their applications or an RFE (request for further evidence).
Immigration Document Preparation Center

American Link Immigration Services

We can assist you in the preparation of the following immigrant and non-immigrant petitions:

  • Obtaining a tourist visa to the USA
  • Extension of tourist B-2 stay in the USA
  • Green card based on marriage, family relationship and employment sponsorship
  • Greencard based on your extraordinary ability and achievements (EB1).
  • H-1B- 3 year work visas
  • R-1 religious worker visas
  • O-1 extraordinary ability Work visas
  • P-3 entertainer visas
  • TN visas for Canadian and Mexican nationals
  • R-1 Religious worker visas
  • Student F-1 visas
  • VAWA (greencard based on violence in your marriage).
  • Replacement of expired or lost green cards
  • Extension of temporary 2 year Green cards based on marriage
  • Reentry permits/Travel documents
  • Adjustment of status
  • Citizenship
  • Fiancée K-1 visas
  • Consular processing