Extension of tourist B-2 stay in the USA

Extend Your Stay in the USA with American Link Immigration Services

Welcome to American Link Immigration Services, your trusted Immigration Document Preparation Center. We specialize in providing expert assistance for extending tourist B-2 stays in the USA. If you're looking to prolong your visit to this diverse and vibrant country, our dedicated team is here to guide you through the extension process smoothly.

Why Choose American Link for Extending Your B-2 Stay:

Certainly, with a team of experienced immigration professionals, we comprehend the intricacies of extending B-2 stays.  In fact, we are constantly staying up-to-date with the latest regulations to guarantee the accuracy and effectiveness of your extension application.  Furthermore, at American Link, we hold your individual needs and circumstances in high regard,  thus adopting a personalized approach tailored to your specific situation.  In effect, we maximize your chances of successfully extending your B-2 stay.

Certainly, navigating the complex process becomes seamless under our guidance, as we take charge of handling paperwork, ensuring all required documentation is in order,  as well as promptly submitting your extension application. We recognize the significance of timely planning.  In addition, our team prioritizes prompt submissions to reduce processing delays, allowing you ample time to enjoy your extended visit.  Accordingly, transparent communication is at the core of our service, with our team keeping you informed about the progress of your application, providing updates promptly, and addressing any concerns you may have throughout the extension process.

Our Extension of Tourist B-2 Stay Process:

  1. Initial Consultation: Contact us for a free initial document preparation consultation. Our experienced immigration professionals will review yur documentation for extending your B-2 stay and will provide you with a clear understanding of the extension process.
  2. Document Preparation: Once we establish your eligibility, we guide you through the necessary document preparation. Our experts ensure that all paperwork is complete, organized, and meets the requirements for a successful extension application.
  3. Application Submission: With your documents in order, we handle the entire extension application process on your behalf. Our streamlined approach minimizes errors and increases the efficiency of the submission process.
  4. Follow-up and Support: Our commitment to your stay extension doesn't end with submission. We continue to provide support, ensuring that you are informed of any updates and progress related to your application.
Extend Your Stay Today - With Us You Simplify The Process And Ensure Quality And Timeliness:

If you're ready to prolong your experience in the USA, contact American Link Immigration Services today. With our expertise and dedication, we will guide you through the B-2 stay extension process, allowing you to make the most of your time in this captivating country.

Extend your stay with American Link Immigration Services – Your Partner in Travel and Immigration.

Contact American Link Immigration Services today at (702) 818-1183 or send us a message: americanlinkimmigrationservices.com/contact/.


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Our Clients Mean Everything To Us, Here is what they say about us:

I came to Gabi based on recommendations from people. He extended my visa, and I really recommend him! He did it quickly and sent all the required documents, he was available to me at any hour, and in everything I needed, he explained, he was patient, and most importantly available! Thank you, I will be back
Moran ShakirMoran Shakir
20:03 16 Nov 23
I want to express my appreciation to dear Mr. Genadie Moskalensky who helped me in an aesthetic and controlled way to submit documents. Reliable, courteous and fast service. Thank you.
טל דיציטל דיצי
04:26 17 Oct 23
perfect experience, Genadie was very helpful with my case. He was in touch with me every step of the way. I Will recommend him to anyone in need of any immigration services.
Aramie CraneAramie Crane
17:46 05 Oct 23
Excelent work of Genadie my process took only 1 month for citizenship I highly recomend him.verry nice Guy
Daniel TsurDaniel Tsur
00:20 01 Oct 23
The best document preparation services! 10/10 stars if possible!I want to recommend to anyone who is starting a process with the immigration or in a need of any document preparation services to contact Genadie Moskalensky from American Link Immigration Services for the best service can ever be provided! Very fast and efficient from A to Z!I’m glad and happy that I went with you! You are the best! 🙏
Bar SwisaBar Swisa
17:02 21 Sep 23
Genadie was very helpful throughout my tourist visa extension process! He was super approachable, patiently answered all my questions, and ensured everything was on point. Major props and gratitude!
Gil CohenGil Cohen
08:25 08 Sep 23
Very professional,Very knowledgeable about all immigration questions.Highly recommend.
John ThornileyJohn Thorniley
20:13 07 Sep 23
I needed to renew my green card and had a problem answering one of the questions on the I-90 form. Genadie was extremely helpful and answered my question quickly and clearly. He cares about his clients and ensures that they fully understand his advice. I have no hesitation in recommending Genadie.
Rony GiladRony Gilad
15:59 06 Sep 23
Took care of my Citizenship application in a fast and most professional way.Highly recommended.
Constantine KurianoffConstantine Kurianoff
16:57 01 Sep 23
I was very happy to work with Genadie at ALIS, he is extremely professional. With his help, the review and approval of the H-1B visa for our candidate by USCIS was fast and seamless - no RFE, no nothing, everything worked like a charm. The preparation was well organized, you didn't have spend too much time putting the case together, it was as easy as 1-2-3. I and my company are highly impressed by the quality of service that ALIS provided. I recommend this business to everyone, and will definitely work with them again. Thank you, ALIS!
Daniel AkselrodDaniel Akselrod
16:46 28 Aug 23
I want to highly recommend Genadie with the American Link Immigration Services.He guided me through all the process, this made my process much easier for me . The instructions was very clear and easy to follow, as a result I had a very smooth process and eventually I received my paperwork without interview if any other problems!Who ever planing to start this process should choose the right person to work with , I’m very happy with my choice of Genadie and I’m highly recommend him .
Rinat TuitoRinat Tuito
17:32 13 Aug 23
“document preparation center” is the best in USA.I want to recommend a Genadie Moskalensky is patient and always available for any questions you may have, explain to us the process clearly.We applied for a green card and he helped us with the process in a professional way.He does not waste time and submits the documents quicklyWe received approval only in a few months.Thank you Gabi, you are the best!!We really appreciate everything you’ve done for us.
Sirshendu GhoshSirshendu Ghosh
23:55 08 Aug 23
Great experience! Genadie was very helpful with my case and never failed to communicate with me. He was in touch with me every step of the way. He is very professional, patient in responding to questions and definitely shows how much he cares for his clients. Will recommend him to anyone in need of any immigration services.
Eric BoudreaultEric Boudreault
00:38 06 Jul 23
We met online in an immigration chat on FB.N was looking for help and that the service we received from a law firm was unfortunately not good. We were looking for help because the service we had received from a law firm was unfortunately not good at all levels. We had received information on how to proceed that was wrong and we wanted to continue however with the right information and steps to follow. He helped us correct these and complete all the paperwork from point A to point B. The service was excellent and it was easy to talk to Mr. Moskalensky of American Link Immigration Services. We're still going through the immigration process, but as far as filling out all the documents for the first steps, everything was flawless. We highly recommend their services for completing your documents and receiving relevant information. A big 10/10 for what we've paid for, nothing to complain about. Thank you very much ;)
Dora Azoulay NizgodaDora Azoulay Nizgoda
17:05 26 Jun 23
I lost my certificate of Citizenship and turned to Gabi. He handled my case to completion with much success. He was fast, knowledgeable and courteous. Better yet he was very professional. My case was approved within months. I highly recommend him and will use him over again. Number 1 in my book.
Igal KoimanIgal Koiman
16:03 22 Jun 23
Highly recommend their amazing and productive quality service. I applied for my daughter's family visit to see my new young grandkids I never met.All extensive preparation and paperwork work within the first scheduled
Ariel YeminiAriel Yemini
16:37 04 Jun 23
Wanted to recommend Genadie and his company for his exemplary and dedicated work in my green card case processing. Genadie was available around the clock to answer any questions we had. He provided invaluable input which caused my marriage based Green Card application to get approved with out any obstacles. I am beyond happy with the work provided to me. It is without a doubt Genadie will always be my go to person for any immigration related matters. He is the best! His professionalism is unmatched and the fact he cared so much, made a difference in our case. Thanks for everything.
Tahel HadadTahel Hadad
22:47 03 Mar 22
Several days ago we hired the services of American Link Immigration services to assist us with our Naturalization process.  We cannot be happier with the service provided by Genadie Moskalensky.  He was attentive, responsive and most importantly very professional and prompt.  Our case was filed several days after we contacted him, and we highly recommend him to anyone seeking help with their immigration work.  I wish I could give him more than five stars which he highly deserves.  Thanks Genadie for a job well done!!!.The Hadad Family.

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We can assist you in the preparation of the following immigrant and non-immigrant petitions:

Green Card Based on Marriage or Family Relationship

Green card based on

Green Card Based on Employment Sponsorship

Green card based on
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Extension of Temporary 2 year Green Cards Based on Marriage

Extension of temporary 2 year Green cards based on marriage

Replacement of Expired or Lost Green Cards

Replacement of expired or lost green cards

O-1 Extraordinary Ability Work Visas

O-1 extraordinary ability Work visas



H-1 3 year work visas

H-1B  3 year work visas

F-1 Student Visa

Student F-1 visas

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